The Citizens Ancestral Wealth Is Getting Hijacked by Political Families

The richest political family’s viz., Sonia-Rahul, Sashikala and almost all of them are inherited by the rich wealth looted by their ancient forefathers. Except money, they do not possess any value to this country, as they never contributed anything to us in the form of fair education for Poor kids, or any trade support to the growing poor community except, permitting their corrupted followers to become the parliamentarians and legislators under the pretext of tricks. So they thought of one man family, and planned that family must come to power to loot our present and future wealth and the largest share goes to the highest family and the balance to the tagged forcefully elected persons as we, the true citizens, never participated to reject them in polls.

We fully understand, few are becoming very powerful, rich, adamant in the name of Political family rich background, as mentioned such as Rahul, Gowda’s, Mulayam’s and now Sashikala. As these richest family leaders developed several hundred more and more known corrupts elected representatives and fraudsters as their followers enable them to access the easy entry to law making houses. They bifurcated all of us by dividing us based on Caste, Religion and Community. Majority of them do not know the value of Indian constitution nor do they understand the rights of a honest Citizen.

This kind of separation by the all leaders not only made us jobless but also made us insecure, leading to the poverty. By doing separatist politics, few became powerful and indecently looted the wealth of this nation, mercilessly, it is a fact, any elected representatives are the richest persons in this nation, and others are treated like the slaves in their hands. They ignite the internal fights by misusing the cadres much worse than the earlier British rulers, in, general; no person in our nation intends to fight on caste basis. Thus made us aggrieved for our own brotherhood and compelled to caste the votes on money, wine and caste basis.

We need to protect all of us, as one citizen, one nation, and one community. This country needs a revolution and we, the citizens should come forward and start electing the legislative representative based on their knowledge, education, past achievements etc and ensure the stand on their promises.

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