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Activist Alam Pasha fought the Amanat Cooperative Bank Elections for bringing justice to the poor.

The Amanat Cooperative bank was established in the year 1977 and today it has reached to such a state that it is unable to repay the deposit by the poor investors amounting to the hundreds of crores of rupees which was mishandled by few powerful politicians and Real estate builders. Despite their promises to repay before the legal forums and despite the court orders, these beneficiaries have failed to bring the amount back to the investorsa�� accounts. These stout and powerful beneficiaries never tried sincerely to return the poor depositora��s money which they saved for the purpose of family marriages, emergency medical bills, their dream pilgrimages and the funerals needs etc. All such hard earned savings by common men and women have been lost while providing undue favour to the bank founders, politicians and builders.
The Helping Citizen Forum has set an objective to bring good and spirited team in the new board via the elections of Amanat Cooperative bank. They aim to give new life to the bank by finding a better possible solution in consultation with the experts in the financial sectors to relaunch the bank successfully. This team will find and provide a remedy to the misappropriated public fund. Hence, the founder of helping Citizen, Mr. A. Alam Pasha of Bangalore has identified a group of candidates for the elections which are scheduled on 17th September, 2017 at Muslim Orphanage Campus, Dickenson Road, Bangalore.

The group members are highly spirited and they have a great and real solution to steadily bring this bank in to the mainstream just as several other scheduled banks. Hence, all the other share holders are requested to take part in these elections enthusiastically to collectively decide in favour of our group members to cause a big win in order to work for the welfare of weaker sections of our community and the society.

Election Manifesto of Alam Pasha
1. We undertake to recover the liabilities caused by misappropriation of funds by the previous management during the last 10 years, the same defaulted amount can be collected and mobilized and utilized as capital, soon to get the licence by RBI after removing Section 3A and to regain the trust of the investors.
2. We will strive hard to return the public deposits so lacked by the present bank management by a sum of around Rs. 130 crores which will be returned gradually within 6 month to the aggrieved depositors.
3. The 110 employees who were removed forcefully from the Bank by the past management will be taken back to job. 165 employees were deceived by few ex ~ directors whose loan amount of several crores, misappropriated by the old management will be promptly rectified as per the procedures. The amount will be recovered from the benami accounts operated by the tricky ex-directors of the bank. Appointing 50 more RBD collectors afresh besides, taking back all the abandoned RBD collectors who will be absorbed to serve the bank.

4. The huge public deposits so mishandled by past directors in connivance with the ex-GM. Mr. Asad and others will be brought back and given to public with the help of the central, state agencies and obtaining the appropriate orders by the honourable courts.
5. Will strive to stabilise the healthy transactions of the Bank enormously soon after getting the RBI permission. We have strategies for providing loans to the weaker sections of people to the tune of Rs. 1000 crores every year with the strategic tie up with parent banking Central run institutions. Not just to depend on general public deposits as source for the needy.
6. Will bring back the Bank in ita��s Scheduled Bank category at the earliest by prompting to clear the huge liability, created by the old board.
7. Will establish 50 more branches of Amanat Bank in the state of Karnataka by availing the permission from RBI and open few branches in other Indian states, apart from UK, Dubai and Saudi Arabia, soon. Thus, around 2000 new employees may be absorbed into the jobs.
8. All the shareholders will be assured the dividend of 15% per annum after a span of 18 months.
We will assure the shareholders of the bank as we will stand by the commitment for a sound and healthy bank by releasing very soon each and every aggrieved investorsa�� money back to their homes.
Even though, this is a challenge but with the co-operition of noble business community and experts, l will do all possible efforts to bring success and status of reputation to the bank by earliest repayments of investors amount and will reach the above targets honestly, unlike the Founders and so called promoters of this bank. Kindly choose and elect my chosen and identified candidates as the board members.
Thanking all the Amanath bank shareholders and Employees and expecting your kind cooperation.