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a?�a?�a?�a?� a?�a?�a?� .. !!

We all as the citizens of the country pay huge sum of taxes such as road tax, revenue tax, house tax, Income tax, water tax, electricity tax, and major taxes on petrol, diesel, service, salary, bus, wealth, luxury, car cycles, two wheeler, food grains, medicines, sales tax, VAT, GST, import tax etc and these are the only accumulated capital routed through the elected representatives for the development works in our locality. The city and the nation-building and service providing activities in the name of welfare or development of infrastructure, transport or construction of schools, bridges & flyovers. It’s a wrong perception that these funds belongs to the particular MLA or MP Constituency.

India being one of the largest democratic country in the World but the irony is that many of the poor citizens live in abandoned cement pipes, on the platform and collapsed houses built by the government boards and corporations and many of them die without proper medication.

Political parties are promoting the rich business communities toA�become much more richer by allocating the common man’s hard earned money to them as MLA and MP fund for construction of bridges, Roads, flyovers, parks and State run organizations in our country. But hardly we find them being implemented by the Government though we claim ourselves to be the fastest and emerging economy in the world. Is is so difficult for Govt to implement these reforms. Don’t we have economists who can earmark certain funds from the exchequer’s money towards development of the society by providing free education and free healthcare.

Aggrieved after witnessing the oppression facing by weaker sections since independence, the Helping CitizenA�has been launched to avail our own entitlements and save the Paisa we shell out as tax in the name of the Govt, most of the time by force, monies are being collected both from rich and poor. Every Paisa what we are paying to the Govt. in the form of tax and interest has lacked the accountability. The appointment to the needy schemes like homes to homeless, education to all etc, has been neglected by the state administrators.

We must think and find out why our hard earned money is not utilized properly for the purpose of proper education of our children, on our health care,A�and createA�shelters for the homeless in our country. Its high time that we collaborate and build a team of enthusiasts and noble citizens who really want to make a difference in the society.

God Speed..!!

Author A.Alam Pasha

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The richest political familya��s viz., Sonia-Rahul, Sashikala and almost all of them are inherited by the rich wealth looted by their ancient forefathers. Except for money, they do not possess any value to this country, as they never contributed anything to us in the form of fair education for Poor kids, or any trade support to the growing poor community except, permitting their corrupted followers to become the parliamentarians and legislators under the pretext of tricks. So they thought of one man family and planned that family must come to power to loot our present and future wealth and the largest share goes to the highest family and the balance to the tagged forcefully elected persons as we, the true citizens, never participated to reject them in polls.

We fully understand, few are becoming very powerful, rich, adamant in the name of Political family rich background, as mentioned such as Rahul, Gowdaa��s, Mulayama��s and now Sashikala. As these richest family leaders developed several hundred more and more known corrupts elected representatives and fraudsters as their followers enable them to access the easy entry to lawmaking houses. They bifurcated all of us by dividing us based on Caste, Religion, and Community. Majority of them do not know the value of Indian constitution nor do they understand the rights of an honest Citizen.

This kind of separation by all leaders not only made us jobless but also made us insecure, leading to the poverty. By doing separatist politics, few became powerful and indecently looted the wealth of this nation, mercilessly, it is a fact, any elected representatives are the richest persons in this nation, and others are treated like the slaves in their hands. They ignite the internal fights by misusing the cadres much worse than the earlier British rulers, in, general; no person in our nation intends to fight on caste basis. Thus made us aggrieved for our own brotherhood and compelled to caste the votes on money, wine, and caste basis.

We need to protect all of us, as one citizen, one nation, and one community. This country needs a revolution and we, the citizens should come forward and start electing the legislative representative based on their knowledge, education, past achievements etc and ensure the stand on their promises.

Whistle blower, Social Activist Claims Cops Want Cash To Protect Him

Whistle blower Alam Pasha, who exposed the land scam pertaining to Global Investors’ Meet, says he has no faith in the police department.

After exposing Industries Minister Murugesh Nirani’s involvement in fabricating documents and grabbing 26 acres of land, Pasha, who was one among the group of businessmen which took part in the investors’ meet last year, filed a complaint against the minister with the Lokayukta. , Shortly after, he began receiving threats, and as the callers continued to mount the pressure, he approached the police for protection. However, a dismayed Pasha was asked to deposit a certain amount of money in return for protection.

Illegal gains

The complaint related to denotification and acquisition of land through fraudulent means, had named the minister (main accused), his brother H R Nirani and seven others. The special Lokayukta court handed over the probe to the Lokayukta police on October 24 and Lokayukta City Superintendent of Police Shivashankar will head investigations.

In his complaint with the special court, Pasha alleged that the minister had floated companies like MRN Sugars and Power Limited, Vijayashree Sugar and Power Private Limited, Sai Priya Sugars Limited, Shakti Steels and Power Industries Limited, Nirani Cements and Nirani Sugars.

He alleged that the companies have been allocated 1,580 acres at the Global Investors Meet though none of the companies were operational. These companies, according to Pasha, are also said to have raised a project loan of Rs 500 crore from different banks by showing inflated net worth.
‘Nirani is accused of de-notifying 20 acres at Hoovinayakanahalli, causing a loss of Rs 15 crore to the state exchequer and also charged with denotifying 150 acres at Kengelkempohalli, Averhalli, Chandhanavasahalli and other villages in the Dobbespet industrial area of Nelamangala taluk, near Tumkur.

This is believed to have caused a Rs 2OO-crore loss to the Karnataka Industrial Areas Development Board (KIADB), which had already spent a considerable amount of money on developing infrastructure in the area. “I began receiving serious threats asking me to keep my mouth shut, hence I approached the City Police Commissioners Office. But i am saddened by the fact that they are asking for money to protect me. i was fighting against the corrupt system in the interest of the public and to save the state exchequers. If Anna Hazare can be given protection. then even I am entitled to the same. Also, I even know where these threats villages in the Dobbespet industrial coming from,” Pasha said.

Senior advocate S Shankarappa of the Karnataka High Court said, “Any person who faces a threat to life is entitied to police protection and does not have to pay for it if he is working towards a public cause.
“In the case of Pasha, he has exposed a scam involving the government exchequer and corruption. He should be extended cover without any rules imposed.”
The threats have prompted Pasha to send his family members to a safe place in Tamil Nadu.

Land Documents Forged by Industries Minister Murugesh Nirani

Forged Letter used to cancel Rs.600-crore housing project. Activist and Social Worker Alam Pasha filed denotification and cheating charges against Karnataka Industries Minister Muruguesh Nirani.A�

Another KIADB Land Scam With Yeddy Link Surfaces

Industrialist and Social Activist accuses former CM and Industries Minister Murugesh Nirani of forging his signature to grab 26 acres that he was alloted.

Industrialist Alam Pasha (inset) has filed the complaint . against Karnataka Udyog Mitra, which was chaired by B S Yeddyurappa, accusing him and Industries Minister Murugesh Nirani Nirani of forgery.

Former Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa has been embroiled in yet another scam and this time, he along with Industries Minister Murugesh Nirani is accused of forging the signature of an industrialist to grab 26 acres of land. Industrialist Alam Pasha discovered the scam when he went to Karnataka Industrial Area Development Board (KIADB) office to check the delay in sanctioning land allotted to him.

He was shocked upon real- ising that someone has procured a fake letterhead and seal and also forged his signature requesting for cancellation of the land allotted to him.

Pasha filed a complaint with the Lokayukta _on September 2 against Karnataka Udyog Mitra of which then CM Yeddyurappa was the chairman and Nirani the vice chairman.

Pasha in his complaint suspected that the accused have not only cheated participants at the Global Investors meet. by denying them land for setting up industries, but were also involved in large-scale irregularities in the form of notification and denotification of land and sanctioning compensation to fake reception.

Loss multiplied?

The whole global investors meet is an eyewash and was held to benefit ministers kith and kin and their supporters through compensation packages, Alam said adding that this has not only denied opportunity to genuine investors but also incurred huge losses to the state exchequer.

Pasha who proposed to build 600 houses for the economically weaker section for a reasonable rate, had submitted the proposal through his company Pash Space International Private Limited.

In the last Global Investors Meet chaired by Yeddyurappa, Pasha’s project was approved and allotted 26 acres in Special Economic Zone near Devanahalli International Airport.

Overwhelmed with this, Pasha even signed an MOU with a multinational construction company to develop his project after GIM committee headed by Yeddyurappa in June 2010 announced land allotted to Pasha by issuing government order.

While Pasha approached the KlADB for getting possession of the land and for further formalities, the officials informed him that the land allotment has been canceled.

Upon verification Pasha found that the land was canceled following a request letter from him, stating that he was not interested in the project.

Fake letter

Pasha denied writing such a letter and said it was entirely fake. Meanwhile, the letter on his letterhead along with seal and signature had reached the committee on February 2 based on which the decision was taken. The irony is that the daemon was taken on January 20, which is a week before the letter reached the committee, Pasha said.

When Pasha contacted the KIADB seeking details, the offic1als admitted that it’s a forged letter and even the committee agreed to reverse the order.

Additional Director General of Police ( Lokayukta) J V Goankar said that he has to verify the case to know what progress has been made.