Shameless and Ruthless administration leads to a Shapeless Nation.

The District Collectors or the Spl. Deputy Commissioners in various states of the country ought to have utilized the public money which is constitutionally routed through the District collectors for the welfare of the public as M.L.A and MPLAD fund for the welfare of these are nothing but public tax paid money.

These commissioners are bound by law to spend the funds through their subordinates for the improvements of public facilities such as health, education, agriculture, providing water, roads, houses, schools, hospitals and creating small business entrepreneurs, training etc.

It shocks everyone to note that, majority of the Commissioners/ Deputy Commissioners and Assistant Commissioners or the collectors are not at all using their competence to use government funds properly as they are compelled to release common man’s tax money to the big contractors as recommended by the MP and M.L.A, Corporators  and Municipal counselors who insists them to take up unwanted schemes, of their choice, favoring to the political party cadres, and their cuts.

The designation of l.A.S and its sanctity mostly gets perished or diminished, as the Collectors/Deputy Commissioners/ Asst. Commissioners are not safeguarding our tax funds, which are in their custody, by default.

If not protected of our own funds routed through as M.L.A and MPLAD funds, we are witnessing that these big funds created through our honest contributions as taxes to government becomes insecure, as, it is not fulfilling the basic needs in providing education, irrigation, shelters, healthcare, skilled training to our farming community and educated youths.

The Deputy Commissioners or the Dist. collector could have improved the skills of drivers and Jobless youth by allocating the funds for the free distribution of auto rickshaws, carts, vehicles and business hubs to the trading (weaker) section of the community for poor. This inaction not only makes our money insecure in their custody but also makes the political gurus financially very sound, and rich that too through our hard earned money. We are not just contributing to taxes to buy siren cars, bungalows, security guards for the Bureaucrats and politicians, indeed, a state doctor Is not expected to take the instruction of an MLA, MP, or CM, to treat a seriously injured patient in the hospital.  The current Dist. Collector administration system is being worst since the British Rule in India during which times, the collectors were doing everything, through the British Govt. for the betterment of the rulers, now, its betterment for the politicians.

Role of the Administrators

The citizens of any local District could demand the Deputy Commissioner or a collector to discharge the immediate needs of the area, without, awaiting the wrong usages of our fund as these citizens have elected their representative rightly or wrongly. The DC. or Collector, by having the huge staff and well guarded by the enormous number of police personnel and the Red Siren on the car wandering, just to carry the instructions of M.L.A, M.P, or C.M, but not for the actual needs and developments of such citizens who are oppressed due to Lack of support for education, training, agriculture and homes for the needy & poor, Indeed the state elected representatives must grasp the actual problems of the aggrieved citizens, once, the Dist. Admin submits the real problems the poor persists with.


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