1. Why did you create the forum called helping citizen and people’s Court?

Amongst the total India Population of 1.30 crores, even one single person aggrieved by the political, the democracy is in danger. That one person might be from the slums or tribal for the society he is equivalent to the value of an M.L.A, M.P or a Monk. To secure the oppressed, this will stand forever.

2. What is your say in Asifa’s rape issue?
This happened long back in January: The 1st missing information gone to her family, father searching her in each and every hock and corner of his area. Later found her in a temple, he said, “the cleanest area where people get peace and enrichment of soul is a temple. So, I don’t think my daughter could be kept in a temple”. That made me proud, and other things left on the society, which is cursing accused on perpetrators, from the political class.

3. What is your opinion about leaders in India?
I am very proud of our Indian leaders, they were good with all caste, community, and equality. Post-independence all are bad leaders. Even the kith and kens were in greed for power. Killing the innocent in the name of t riot. All leaders are selfish, no one knows who is dying without food or without medicines. In the name of modern India, the politicians become a billionaire, the Swiss Bank enjoys billions of Indian rupees. The aim is only to win an election, they enjoy when Hindu, Muslim brothers fight. I think there is no leader for poor’s as everyone wants to become CM, P.M, by dividing one family. They are all rouges.

4. Difference between pre-and post-independence?
Very big. There is a silent majority of people who think the British Raj on one leader for all castes was better than today’s thousands of flags for communal politics.

5. What about the strength of our democracy?
India survived till 1960 to 1965 because of if its democracy. Corruption and nepotism were Limited. IIT, IIMS, ISRO, PSU’s were started. The world got scared, now its largely diminished. Many became orphans of democracy, no value for Indians. Communal flags and arrogant politician’s money lures the votes of uneducated. No leader need to improve these old institutions as major leaders are trained up as the sons and grandsons of corrupted and device fathers. No new leaders, someone want to enter minimum 25 to 50 crores token is needed.

6. How to secure the democracy?
New leaders from poor for poor’s. Everybody should be educated. Judiciary to get interfered if billions are spent. Educated should participate. We should conceptualize that if any party talks about reservation or division, they are the invaders of our democracy. Army, judiciary, and media are the strong pillars of democracy, they should be taught for aligning with the rich ruling parties.

7. Is society threatened now?
Yes, by politicians. They had blocked the sanity. They brought and bringing inequality. Money, caste, goondaism are the breaths they named. If not, they are cattle’s.

8. What is the threat to the society, to name?
No clean air, no education facilities by Govt., no support to health, no clean drinking water, creating caste divisions, religion riots for votes are the major threats. Major population goes to bed without food.

9. Do you seriously believe in elected MLA or MP?
I must, but it’s like we are practicing the Sati, ‘burn alive willingly’. People supposed to participate in this, because of vulnerable uneducated votes.

10. How about the patriotic Muslims leaders today?
No one. if at all there should be any patriotism Muslim should be educated opportunities for jobs businesses to be given and should be treated as equal, today all leaders are residing in more than 50 to 100 crores bungalows. Muslim through small percentage not made to live self-sufficient. Flags of all parties like MIM, JDS, BJP, Congress, SP, exploit them to the extent there are orphans by using them these parties become tyrants. Majorly all Muslims are poor’s; all Muslims leaders are billionaires and they treat Muslims as slaves.

11. The latest impeachment on CJI is right by MP’s?
This is the fate of our present democracy. If the citizens come forward for a majority government then judiciary shall be in a greater order. The politicians went to the lowest ebb, to dispute the CJI by miss using the parliament. The money, bribe, evidence scandal not involved with the CJI. How can there be an impeachment? Once, its failed, the proposers should resign. No one, no shame, no principles.