Press Release

Court allows NGO founder to intervene in Nalapad case

The founder of an NGO will be allowed to assist the prosecution in the Mohammed Nalapad pub brawl case

“The court has permitted Alam Pasha as an intervener, but he will not have an independent say or the right to the audience,” said MS Shyamsundhar, the special public prosecutor. Pasha, who heads a Helping Citizen and People’s Court, can make written submissions, which the court might or might not look into, Shyamsundhar said.

Pasha had petitioned the court that he be allowed as a third party to argue on behalf of Vidwath, a diner at Farzi Cafe who was battered by a gang led by Nalapad.
Shyamsundhar, who had signed in as the counsel for Vidwath earlier, was later appointed as a special public prosecutor by the government.
The change came in response to Vidwath’s father J, Loganathan’s request for a prosecutor of his choice as the prime accused is the son of sitting Congress MLA NA Harris.
On February 22, the decision of appointing a special public prosecutor was challenged by Nalapad’s counsel.
Meanwhile, Pasha petitioned the court, asking if he could participate in the case in the public interest. On February 23, judge Parameshwara Prasanna B of the 63rd City Civil and Sessions Court started hearing the bail petition filed by Nalapad’s advocate, Tomy Sebastian. The hearing was adjourned to February 26.