Citizen’s Tax Contribution In The Wrong Hands

We all as the citizens of the country pay huge sum of taxes such as road tax, revenue tax, house tax, Income tax, water tax, electricity tax, and major taxes on petrol, diesel, service, salary, bus, wealth, luxury, car cycles, two wheeler, food grains, medicines, sales tax, VAT, GST, import tax etc and these are the only accumulated capital routed through the elected representatives for the development works in our locality. The city and the nation-building and service providing activities in the name of welfare or development of infrastructure, transport or construction of schools, bridges & flyovers. It’s a wrong perception that these funds belongs to the particular MLA or MP Constituency.

India being one of the largest democratic country in the World but the irony is that many of the poor citizens live in abandoned cement pipes, on the platform and collapsed houses built by the government boards and corporations and many of them die without proper medication.

Political parties are promoting the rich business communities to become much more richer by allocating the common man’s hard earned money to them as MLA and MP fund for construction of bridges, Roads, flyovers, parks and State run organizations in our country. But hardly we find them being implemented by the Government though we claim ourselves to be the fastest and emerging economy in the world. Is is so difficult for Govt to implement these reforms. Don’t we have economists who can earmark certain funds from the exchequer’s money towards development of the society by providing free education and free healthcare.

Aggrieved after witnessing the oppression facing by weaker sections since independence, the Helping Citizen has been launched to avail our own entitlements and save the Paisa we shell out as tax in the name of the Govt, most of the time by force, monies are being collected both from rich and poor. Every Paisa what we are paying to the Govt. in the form of tax and interest has lacked the accountability. The appointment to the needy schemes like homes to homeless, education to all etc, has been neglected by the state administrators.

We must think and find out why our hard earned money is not utilized properly for the purpose of proper education of our children, on our health care, and create shelters for the homeless in our country. Its high time that we collaborate and build a team of enthusiasts and noble citizens who really want to make a difference in the society.

God Speed..!!

Author A.Alam Pasha

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