The spokesperson of a powerful as well as Govt, is the media. Indeed, the electronic, print media, never spoken out, darely, for the development of our nation. Corporate, MLA, MLC, M.P, Minister, of State or Central, never invent any ideas for the development of our nation. Business, Education, Healthcare, Constitution all security, etc, are the major activities, which the media, the elected representatives, cabinet, must stand for and discuss widely for implementation out of the revenue, yielded from the public.

Our aim is to act as leverage for the national development, until and unless, the elected representative takes the initiative nothing can be done, so, selection of such persons through a process of election is vital, again, it’s the collective responsibility of the nationals, if failed, the development perishes. The inaction of a common man in a right time to authorize a right person of wisdom to do the development aspects and the negative thinking politicians are the main causes for the anti-development which leads the destruction, poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, riots, police- shootout, etc.