Anti Casteism

The main Cause of this organization is driving anti casteism and anti-Racism. Both are slowly killing the morality, unity, and development of the nation and common man. Gandhiji, Nethaji, never raised nor propagated for casteism. Caste or religion merger when we born, today’s, politicians doubted the sanctity of a mother and childbirth. Elections, politics, power, greed, conspiracies, high commands, etc, no one should connect with our births and the rights of our mothers. Politicians with divisive methods destroyed the developments of this nation. Shivaji, Gandhi, Kittur Rani Chennamma, Tipu, Subhash Chandra Bose, Alluri Seetharam Raju, Sardar Patel, Bhagat Singh, several others jointly created the strength to ostracize the very powerful British. Peoples were loving each other, sharing the joyous and soreness each other’s, Pre-1947. Our true soul is inbuilt our real proud was born, on the same day when our Indian constitution was made. The tricky powerful politicians diluting slowly the true spirit behind this constitution. Post – 1947, several mushrooms gowned in the name of politicians, aiming to ruin the Nation. They, started freebees, like free food, ration, etc, not wanted by anyone else. Everyone, honestly pays income taxes, electricity bills, road taxes, revenue taxes, property taxes, petroleum taxes GST, Surcharge, several other taxes to the Govt. Politicians, tricked the schemes, to misuse these huge sums of our, in the names of freebees to divide the castes. Instead of investing in the development of already ruined public hospitals, schools, colleges, irrigation canals, dams, reservoirs, lakes, veterinary homes, training centers, etc, for the development of a common man. The highest rank holder, meritorious student, and senior most officers are thrown out of the system by absorbing the lowest ebb academicals persons, by using the caste-based OBC, etc. This will act as a course by a deserved person on these divisive leaders, who mandated the law for a division.